Hello, Color

Colorado truly is the land of color.

From first light over the high plains to fading twilight over the high Rocky Mountains, this land is truly magnificent, beaming with color and life.

We’ve been blessed to land here, in northern Colorado, in the latest stop on our journey. Our Glenn family is happily situated on the Front Range — a fantastically beautiful, easy going area teeming with opportunity, sights and (mostly) clear mountain air.

Most mornings we have the awesome pleasure of viewing the sunrise from our bedroom window. A “picture” window, they call it. And a picture worth a thousand words, it usually is.

We have much to be thankful for here. After 8 moves, twice across the country, countless hours studying for tests, completing degrees, and having one baby after another (4 in 5 years!) we are truly thankful we have found in Colorado our place to land.

As with all things, change takes time. Recovery and restoration are on our minds. As are date nights and post-diaper years (two dreams of ours!). We’ll one day be centered in community and active in recreation, but for now we are breathing it all in: the years, the babies, the challenges fought and overcome, and the joys that come not from elation or excitement, but from pressing onward and surviving to see another day when the struggle felt so endless and overwhelming.

So here we are. This is home.

The blessing of today is… being here to see it! The clouds and sun sing of this joy. And I couldn’t agree more.

Borders We Need: Brexit, Boundaries, and Love

The latest musings of the brilliant Katherine Anne Glenn:

“Knowing yourself, and standing up for the right to control that self is not wrong. Misunderstanding yourself and your history, believing that you can justly control and lord over others beyond your borders, or to hurt and belittle those who are different within, is the true problem. Where this evil exists, it ought to be noted and condemned. You cannot love your country if you hate all other countries, just as you cannot love yourself if you hate all other people. Superiority is self-hatred, not self-love.”

Finding Tangle


My son recently started saying “me” and “I” with great frequency.  He shouts “Help me” when he falls down, “I want” when he desires a specific activity, or  points to something he’s playing with or eating saying “me, me,” as in mine.  I love it.  He is learning how to develop and express his needs, wants, and preferences.  He is finding himself, he is learning about where I end and he begins, and it is a beautiful thing to behold.

Recent studies on childhood development suggest that children aren’t cognitively ready to understand the concept of sharing until they are at least three or four.  That doesn’t mean they can’t act kindly toward other children at younger ages, it just means they don’t understand what it means to share themselves and their belongings. To the child soul these enforced episodes of “sharing” are confusing invasions on their fragile and developing personhood.  Yet most…

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I’m baaaaaack!

Hey! It’s been way too long! If anyone is still out there I hope you are reading this with a pleasant sense of surprise. I’ve missed you! I’ve come a long way since starting this blog, to say the least. But ironically it was the fall of 2012 that set me on the journey I am traveling today, which has once again led me back to… Virginia! And that’s why I’m here again on WordPress, because this story is too good to be true. I’ll try to share more as I go along, but for now please check out my most recent post below about my wife’s blog Finding Tangle. It’s a brilliant piece on struggling with parenting, loneliness and identity/self-worth. She’s the real writer in the family. 🙂